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Why Super Mushroom Gummies?

There is a shroom boom happening and we LOVE it! People are calling mushrooms the magic elixir and experts believe mushrooms are nature’s original superfood!

There is plenty of scientific evidence and new emerging research that shows mushrooms can enhance cognition, boost immunity, increase vitality, alleviate stress, and even have anti-cancer properties.

Gourmet mushrooms

But, the fact remains you probably don’t want to eat massive platefuls of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms every day. Plus, many functional mushrooms have a somewhat unpleasant taste and actually are not edible.

The good news is that we have managed to achieve the impossible. Our Mushie Organic Super Mushroom Gummies are a perfect combination of taste AND nutrition!

We know you want to taste them right now! Learn about our healthy chewy vitamins before taking them. Let’s get started!

What Are Mushroom Gummies?

Mushroom gummies are soft, chewable candy-like supplements that contain one or more mushroom extracts. They come in a variety of colors, textures, shapes, and flavors.

Mushroom gummies are growing in popularity as they are liked by EVERYONE! These delicious supplements are a blend of mushroom extract with small amounts of sugar to make them healthy and palatable to consumers.

With more and more people going vegan and becoming environmentally conscious (this is REALLY important to us), we use pectin as our gelling agent to create a soft texture in our gummies. Pectin is derived from FRUIT! Most gummies you see in the market use gelatin, which is made from cow or pig protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water – YUCK!

Our Mushie Organic Super Mushroom Gummies provide all the benefits of eating mushrooms, and then SOME! Some gummies contain nutritional and functional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, beta-glucan from mushrooms, etc. We went a step further and added 7,500IU of Vitamin D per bottle for a value added, immunity boost!

Eating functional mushrooms every day is not impossible, but it’s not sensible or realistic. Instead of a plate full of functional mushrooms, some of which aren’t known for their taste, you can take mushroom gummies to receive the same or even higher level of benefits. Mushie Organic Super Mushroom Gummies are easily available, easy to consume, and easy to process by the body.

Similar to a capsule or powder supplement, mushroom gummies can have extract from a single mushroom or a variety of edible fungi.

All popular functional mushrooms are now available as gummies. This includes Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Chaga, and Cordyceps.

How Are Super Mushroom Gummies Made?

Theoretically, the procedure is simple. Mushroom gummies are made just like any sweet confectionary candy gummies. The goal is to make them as healthy as possible. Here, the taste makes way for health benefits.

In most mushroom supplements, extracts of functional mushrooms are used. Using mushroom extract is much better than eating mushrooms. That’s because, for preparing the extract, the bioactive constituents of the fungus are drawn out. While doing so, the beneficial compounds are freed from the structural components such as chitin.

Chitin gives strength to mushrooms to push leaves, tree bark, and rocks during their growth. But, chitin is also hard to digest. It’s the same building material found in lobster shells! Our body uses chitinase to digest mushrooms and then absorbs the mushroom’s healthy bioactive compounds. Unfortunately, our body produces only a minuscule amount of this enzyme.

Hence, our organic mushroom gummies use the mushroom extract to (a) improve the concentration of bioactive compounds, (b) ensure faster absorption, and (c) enhance the bioavailability of nutrients.

We use dual extraction which makes extraction a multi-layer process. Normally, in the extraction process, water or alcohol solvent is used depending on the solubility of the molecules.

Our process uses both water and alcohol to completely isolate and draw out the compounds. Our process is more efficient and effective. We use both solvents to remove as many healthy compounds as possible.

More importantly, we do not over-extract compounds from super mushrooms. For example, the standard extraction ratio of Lion’s Mane is 8:1. Exceeding this ratio will make the extract an unusable paste. In addition, over-extraction will decrease the efficacy of the active compound.

Every step we take is aimed at creating the most potent and effective mushroom gummies. While others use extracts from mycelium, we prefer to use the whole fruiting bodies of mushrooms.

Research shows that while mycelium has similar nutritional value as the fruiting body, the concentration of beneficial compounds is higher in the latter.

Again, our aim is not to make the gummies more palatable and appealing, although our customers seem to love our gummies for what it is – a powerhouse of functional and medicinal benefits. That is why we don’t include excessive coloring and flavoring just to attract people like the other brands. We don’t use any artificial ingredients and only organic, natural flavors.

Mushrooms grown using organic methods have proven to be safer and more potent than their non-organic counterpart.

Similar to plants, mushrooms tend to absorb nutrients from the surrounding environment. Hence, gummies made from non-organic mushrooms may contain small traces of toxins and chemicals from fungicides, pesticides, etc. YUCK! Mushie Organic Super Mushroom Gummies are third party lab tested to triple check for any of these nasties.

What Makes Our Super Mushroom Gummies Better Than Other Supplements?

Our Super Mushroom Gummies are made with love and passion. Here is why you’ll like our gummies:

Green organic symbol in circle form

Organic and Non-GMO: Our gummies are USDA Certified Organic through QCS in Florida. We source ingredients from partners with Organic and non-GMO certifications from North America only.

Made in the USA: Our mushroom gummies are made in the USA. By supporting ‘Made in USA’ supplements you support child labor laws, workplace safety laws, environmental regulations, higher wages, and quality standards that people trust.

Third party lab tested

Third-Party Tested: For a supplement, third-party testing isn’t required by law. But, it’s our commitment that everyone should get only the purest and most effective product. We ensure the safety and efficacy of our gummies by testing every batch for contaminants. In addition, we also ensure each batch contains an optimal level of healthy bioactive compounds.

No Preservatives: Our Mushie Organic Super Mushroom Gummies once exposed are best consumed within 45 days for optimal freshness. This proves that we don’t believe in adding preservatives to prolong the shelf life. Unopened bottles are good for use for up to a year from the manufacturing date.

No Interactions and Side Effects: Tests show that our gummies are safe with very little risk of side effects. That said, if you suffer from any medical condition, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to give the gummies to children please consult a physician first.

Clear Instructions: Dose instructions are clearly printed on the label.

Vegan-Friendly: Our Mushie Super Mushroom Gummies are vegan-friendly. Our yummy and healthy treats are 100% vegan and contain 0% gelatin or animal products. They are super low sugar (contain less than 2g of sugar per serving!) and are packed with concentrated bioactive compounds.

How Do Super Mushroom Gummies Stack Up to Other Mushroom Supplements?

We consider the delicious and yummy little chew shrooms the ideal product to access the benefits of healthy fungi. Gummies are easy to consume for all ages. They are easy to measure, carry, and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. But, functional mushroom supplements come in a variety of forms.

We want you to know the options, their pros, and cons, before making a decision. At the end of the day, your preference and needs are paramount!


Although gummies are becoming popular, capsules are the default and go-to option for the majority of supplement users. Normally, capsules are designed to break down once they reach the small intestine. The supplement powder that’s released is then absorbed into the blood. Capsules are easy to store and not easy to tamper.

Unfortunately, most capsule supplements contain animal products and filler content. Plus, capsules are hard to swallow for some people and depending upon the capsule shell, it may take a long time to break down in the GI tract.


Harris Poll - an American Market Research Company in its survey found that nearly 40% of people had trouble swallowing capsules.

Next to gummies, supplement powder appears to be the best alternative to capsules. They are versatile; you can mix them with smoothies, coffee, or just water.

Supplement powder acts faster, but it’s not palatable, can trigger stomach problems, and contain filler content. In addition, you may have a difficult time keeping the power dry or carrying them during travel.


Tinctures are highly concentrated extracts of a single or combination of ingredients and most are alcohol-based. This is an old-fashioned method where you add a few drops of the supplement to milk, or coffee, or swallow it as it is.

Droppers are used to measure tincture supplements, but even so, sometimes users may accidentally take too much or too little. The biggest argument against using tinctures is that concentrated liquid extracts are unpalatable and may cause stomach problems.

The Benefits of Super Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom gummies are rich in functional components and medicinal properties. The beneficial nutrients in gummies depend on the mushroom extracts used in their making. The following are the most common benefits you can expect from our Mushie Organic Super Mushroom Gummies.

Woman using strength

Immunity Boost

Science has proved what herbalists have been saying for centuries. Mushrooms have nutrients that keep the immune system in top shape! Many of these immune-boosting mushrooms can be found in our DEFEND Organic 5 Super Mushroom Formula!

Special polysaccharides called beta-glucans and other proteins such as FIPs and RIPs act on inflammatory proteins and enhance the functioning of cells of the immune system.

In addition, the immunomodulatory properties of certain mushrooms help reduce inflammation without compromising the pathogen-fighting ability of the body.

Mood Enhancement

Not just psychedelic mushrooms like psilocybin, functional mushrooms also contain compounds that influence the serotoninergic system to provide mood-enhancing benefits.

Mushrooms such as Chaga, Reishi, and Lions Mane stimulate the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Normal levels of serotonin help you stay calm, elevates your mood to make you happier, ensure emotional stability, and improve focus. Mushrooms help treat symptoms of certain mood disorders. Our UNWIND Organic Reishi Gummies are great for relaxing at the end of a hard day.

Maintains Body Homeostasis

Mushroom gummies are also powerful adaptogens. They help maintain the normal balance of hormones responsible for stress response.

They decrease our sensitivity to stressors and increase the phase of resistance leading to body homeostasis.

In other words, super mushroom gummies will help the body fight stress, anxiety, and the physical and mental symptoms of these conditions. For example, compounds in our gummies will help you meet a tight deadline without compromising the quality.

Increased Vitality and Energy Levels

Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, especially B complex vitamins that support energy metabolism and utilization by the body.

The vitamins and minerals in mushrooms naturally increase energy by boosting blood circulation. Mushrooms such as cordyceps increase vitality by improving cell function and the uptake and utilization of oxygen.

Our ENERGY Organic Cordyceps Gummies are also known to improve athletic performance and endurance by stimulating ATP production.

Cognitive Enhancement

Our super mushroom gummies can help you build better brains! Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga are considered potent nootropics.

In addition, the same properties that boost cognitive function also have an anti-aging effect on the brain. Our BRAINY Organic Lions Mane Gummies support neuroinflammation and can stimulate the growth and repair of neurons.

They regulate neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, etc. These brain chemicals are responsible for memory, mood, focus, and all other cognitive faculties.

Final Thoughts

Mushie Organic Super Mushroom Gummies debunk the theory that healthy things always taste yucky. Our gummies are convenient, palatable, colorful, and more importantly, they are healthy!

Gummies are a great way to make people consume nutritious but not pleasant-to-taste mushrooms. Mushie Organic Super Mushroom Gummies – our labor of love will keep you and your family healthy and promote overall wellness! To thank the planet for these super mushrooms, each product sold plants a sea tree. Why? Because mangroves can store up to ten times more carbon than our rainforests!

We also are a plastic-free company and want to lower our carbon footprint as much as possible by offering a subscription service to you. Each future 30-day purchase will come in a fully compostable bag so you can refill your glass bottles. Order yours today!