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Nerd Alert!

Mushrooms are nature’s original superfood! Studies have shown these super mushrooms provide multiple benefits for whole-body health, acting as adaptogens and immunomodulators.


To get a little geeky, the beneficial compounds found in super mushrooms are mainly the triterpenes, which are alcohol-soluble, and the beta-glucans, which are water-soluble. To obtain these full spectrum benefits, it is necessary to do both alcohol and water extraction for most super mushrooms. All our organic super mushrooms are dual-extracted.

To get a little more geeky, all mushroom supplements on the market are either using mushroom mycelium grown on grain, pure mycelium, or mushroom fruiting bodies. At Mush More Co, we only use organic mushroom fruiting bodies because current studies show the differences in compounds found in mycelium versus fruiting bodies for these types.

The fruiting bodies of Cordyceps (ENERGY gummies), Lion’s Mane (BRAINY gummies), Reishi (UNWIND gummies), and 5 Super Mushrooms (DEFEND gummies) are much higher in potency and chemical variety than mycelium. Also, mycelium-only products often contain grain powders or starch as fillers, which creates a less potent product. YUCK!

We knew we needed to create a better way to get the benefits of nature’s superfood, without sacrificing flavor. So we did!

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